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Success Tips From Jack Canfield

I am on a mission to be much more positive, instead of being my usual negative and cynical self.  Didn’t realize how negative I was till my therapist mentioned how very self critical I am, and how quick to blame myself I also am.

I also know how critical I am of others too.  I know being critical is sometimes needed, but being harshly critical because people don’t meet your expectations is wrong.

I don’t often read articles or even books these days, except an odd few.  But, I decided to google advice on daily disciplines for changing your life.  After a little bit of trawling, I came across Jack Canfield, I don’t recall hearing his name before but I believe he is pretty big in the self improvement circles.

On his blog he wrote an article called ‘Daily Disciplines for Effortless Success‘ and below are the six tips that he suggests as being the most beneficial for change, both in his life and the lives of others.

  1.  Visualize your goals and intentions
  2. Use external images to keep you focused
  3. Release negative thoughts
  4. Think a better-feeling thought
  5. Cultivate an “attitude of gratitude”
  6. Acknowledge what’s working

On his blog he explains each tip in detail, so if your interested why don’t you pop over and have a read?

I think I will try a new discipline as suggested by Jack, every week and see how things improve.  I know the main key with having a success mindset is consistency, and that is something that I REALLY struggle with.

I am going to start with discipline one – ‘Visualize your goals and intentions‘ and see how that feels after a weeks worth of consistent practice.

I would love to hear what success tips you have, please let me know in the comments below.

By Jae Pierce

I love helping others live their best life, and this is my primary focus in this existence. I firmly believe that there are no limitations that can not be overcome, or at least adapted so that any individual can thrive to the best of their ability.

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