Simple Tips For Building Happiness

This week I was given some homework by my therapist, she likes to do that. It reminds me of being at school, at least this time if I don’t do it I wont get a detention.

Anyhow, one of the things my therapist gave me was a simple sheet of A4 printed paper, and on it was a list of suggestions of things that can help build happiness.

I thought I would share this short list with you. Naturally, the list is not exhaustive by any means.

Some of the suggestions on the list I have already started to incorporate in to my life, and the others are things I will be working on in time.

  • Gratitude
    • Every day write down three things you are grateful for.  Doesn’t matter how mundane you think they are.
  • Acts of Kindness
    • Make a conscious effort to do something nice for no other reason than to help someone
  • Exercise
    • The positive benefits of exercise on both our general and mental health have long been documented.
  • Meditation
    • There has been much research carried out into the benefits of meditation for improving our health both mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • Positive Journaling
    • Spend time every day writing about positive events  in your life.  This gets you into the habit of focusing more on the positive.
  • Fostering Relationships
    • Strong social connections have been shown to be a powerful influencer on our mood.  Try to spend time each day connecting with friends and family, if you can connect physically, try phoning or connecting on social media etc.

We may not be able to do all of the above every day, but I think if we managed to perform just one thing it will make a huge improvement in our happiness.  I think we are all guilty of becoming complacent in life, I know I certainly have, and to get out of this rut takes a lot of consistent effort.

May we all strive to do the best we can to bring happiness to self and others.

Author: Jae Pierce

I love helping others live their best life, and this is my primary focus in this existence. I firmly believe that there are no limitations that can not be overcome, or at least adapted so that any individual can thrive to the best of their ability.

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