Journey Of Jae – 29 Sep 2019

What’s Jae’s Journey?

In a nutshell, Jae’s journey is about transformation. When I started this journey I was struggling, really struggling. I am a recovering porn and masturbation addict, and like other addicts I have recurring mental health issues.

This is my on-going journey.

Monk and Hard Mode Updates

  • Hard mode – 59 days
  • Monk mode – 1 days.

Note: Progress is good, although monk mode ended today because my partner and I made love and I had an orgasm. Am I disappointed that I ‘failed’ at monk mode? Not at all! An orgasm from porn or the selfish act of masturbation is totally different than an orgasm shared with the person you love.

Personal Disciplines For Today

  • 20 minutes meditation today
  • Fasted for 16 hours.
  • No calisthenics today
  • Regular repetition of affirmations.
  • Visualized the manifestation of my goals both in the morning and before falling sleep.
  • Read for 60 minutes.

This Weeks Affirmation

‘My potential to succeed is infinite’

What I’m Grateful For Today

Today, I am grateful for God and all the good things he is giving me.

How Am I Feeling

There have been moments today where I have doubted my ability to create the future that I desire.  Today seems to be one of those days where my mind is struggling to keep positive.  I am not dwelling on negative thoughts, but at times it feels like my thoughts are like a jack in a box, every time I think I have rid myself of a negative thought, another one pops up and says “hello, I’m here, don’t ignore me!”.

Everyday is a challenge, an opportunity to show who is the master of my destiny.  I do not shrink from the on-going battle between light and dark.

I am the master of my universe!

Thought Of The Day


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What I’m Reading This Week


What’s It About

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