Bless Yourself, By Blessing Others

We all want good things for ourselves dont we?  We want good health, nice things, a nice home, the perfect job etc.  Many of us are so obsessed with self that they barely give any thought about others.

I’m no different.  I am far from perfect, anyone who has read any of my posts on this site will know just how imperfect I am.  Although I am on a quest to know myself and eradicate as many of my flaws as possible, I am still learning and I am still very much a newbie.

Recently, I got to do some research into the law of attraction and subjects like that and I found them all very interesting.  One thing I discovered was something called ‘The Aloha Spirit’ which is a little pink book written by a gentleman by the name of Serge King, his website can be found at

I was really interested in what he said, and I knew it made sense to me right from the get go, because the first thoughts I had when I finished reading it was “seriously, it can’t be that easy” or “really, that’s just common sense“.  What he had to say was so very simple that I struggled to believe it.  I am so used to having everything be so difficult, that when a little book of just 6 pages comes along, I am a little skeptical to say the least.

What Is Aloha Spirit?

He is what Serge says about the Aloha Spirit in the little pink book.

The Aloha Spirit is a well known reference to the attitude of friendly acceptance for which the Hawaiian Islands are so famous. However, it also refers to a powerful way to resolve any problem, accomplish any goal, and to achieve any state of mind or body that you desire.

In the Hawaiian language, aloha stands for much more than just “hello” or goodbye” or “love.” Its deeper meaning is “the joyful (oha) sharing(alo) of life energy (ha) in the present (alo).”

As you share this energy you become attuned to the Universal Power that the Hawaiians call mana. And the loving use of this incredible Power is the secret for attaining true health, happiness, prosperity and success.

The way to tune into this Power and have it work for you is so simple that you might be tempted to pass it off as being too easy to be true.

The principles that Serge emparts in his little pink book are so very, very simple, but they are also so very hard to consistently practice in life without an attitude of persistence and perseverance.

As is stated in the last paragraph.

The way to tune into this Power and have it work for you is so simple that you might be tempted to pass it off as being too easy to be true.

How do we tap into this ‘secret‘ manifesting power that Serge mentioned?

In essence what we must do to tap into this power, is:

“Bless everyone and everything that represents what you want!”

See, told you it was simple and would probably be perceived as being too good to be true.

Blessing must be done from a sense of heart felt sincerity or it probably will not work, because essentially you are lying to yourself and to others.

Serge states that blessing works on three different levels.

  1. The positive focus of your mind stirs up the positive, creative force of the Power of the Universe.
  2. Blessing moves your own energy outward, allowing more of the Power to come through you.
  3. When you bless for the benefit of others instead of directly
    for yourself, you tend to bypass any subconscious fears about what you
    want for yourself, and also the very focus on the blessing acts to increase
    the same good in your life.

How to bless as discussed by Serge

Blessing may be done with imagery or touch, but the most usual and easy way to do it is with words. The main kinds of verbal blessing are:

  • Admiration – This is the giving of compliments or praise to something good that you notice. E.g., “What a beautiful sunset; I like that flower; you’re such a wonderful person.”
  • Affirmation – This is a specific statement of blessing for increase or endurance. E.g., “I bless the beauty of this tree; blessed be the health of your body.”
  • Appreciation – This is an expression of gratitude that something good exists or has happened. E.g., “Thank you for helping me; I give thanks to the rain for nourishing the land.”
  • Anticipation – This is blessing for the future. E.g., “We’re going to have a great picnic; I bless your increased income; Thank you for my perfect mate; I wish you a happy journey; May the wind be always at your back.”

In conclusion

I haven’t disclosed all the steps to blessing, but the above will certainly get you started in the right direction.  The little pink book with the full instructions for blessing can be download from along with a collection of interesting articles both from Serge and other teachers.

May you all have a blessed day, and thank you for reading!

By Jae Pierce

I love helping others live their best life, and this is my primary focus in this existence. I firmly believe that there are no limitations that can not be overcome, or at least adapted so that any individual can thrive to the best of their ability.

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