About Jae Pierce

Who am I?

Who am I? Well, before I answer that, let me say who I am not. I am not a teacher, guru, business man, wealth seeker or wannabe celebrity.

Who I am is a man who has failed many, many times in life, but never gives up! I am defiant, stubborn, persistant, loyal and determined, just to name a few of my characteristics.

To sum it up, I am just a man with many faults doing the best that he can.

I have had many lessons in life, and many of them took me multiple attempts to learn from them, and I am still learning.  One of the things that I really struggled with for a long time is porn addiction.  I have suffered from recurring mental health problems such as anxiety, panic attacks, anger issues and low self worth.

I have spent many years in what could best be described as the hell realms, and those experiences have helped shape my thoughts and my views of the world, but they don’t define who I am.  These negative experiences are my teachers and they are also my connection to others.

Through my own suffering I have been taught to accept others.

My Pain And Suffering Is My Best Teacher

I have created a lot of suffering in my life, but I have often caused more suffering to those nearest to me.  My poor little ego has certainly been running rampant at times during my life, but bless him, he has taught me a lot.

We often have to walk the wrong way before we can figure out that we are on the wrong path in life, and this often comes with pain of some description or another.

It’s never to late to change direction and start walking the right path.  Our Life should be full of love and joy, and excitement for living.  If this isn’t the case then we are most likely walking on the wrong path.

My Life Passions

I greatly enjoy learning about the mystical things of life and also topics like mindfulness and meditation. I had my first experience of formal meditation about 25 years ago when I was studying various marital arts.

I have experience with five different martial arts, but I would never call myself a martial artist or a fighter, that was never my thing. Once I started learning a martial art it wasn’t long before I became more interested in the philosophy behind it.

I have never had an interest in seeing visions or other worlds when I have meditated. I have zero interest in speaking with the ‘departed’ or seeing ‘spiritual worlds’ or making contact with our ‘alien saviours’. If that’s your thing, then great and I hope you enjoy it, but sorry, it’s just not mine.

I have a keen but not obsessive interest and an active participation in resistance training. My current form of resistance training is kettlebells which I find really adaptable and the best suited to my requirements. I am more interested in what I consider to be functional resistance training, as opposed to spending hours locked into one machine after another.

I also have an interest in nutrition, but I will be the first to admit that nutritional science is not something that I take to easily, but I still find it interesting and of great benefit.

I was a vegetarian / plant-based eater for 7 years and now I am transisting to being plant based again. No, I am not one of those ‘vegans’ that condemns others who don’t share their views.

Please, don’t even get me started on that one! No one has a right to dictate what is right for one person, that is the game that the ‘system’ plays and I want no part in it.

By the standards of modern society I live a disciplined lifestyle, and many people would probably consider it devoid of entertainment or other things that society these days deems to be essential.

There is very little on tv, radio or even the internet, most of what is available is mind numbing drivel, and serves only to keep the masses asleep and compliant.

Anyway, that’s enough about me.