The Path Of Truth Is Never Easy, But It Is Essential!

In the age of quick fixes and political correctness the truth is rarely welcome. We must first overcome self to discover self. This takes brutal honesty and dedication on a path that is filled with great hurdles and adversity. Truth is often not what we believe it to be, often it is far to depressing for our fragile egos to understand and accept.

Truth is a gradual process, it requires great patience to discover and even greater strength to accept and embrace. To see reality for what it is requires both patience and strength, and these are two qualities that are sadly lacking in modern society.

My name is Jae and I am a self confessed novice on the path of absolute truth, I write from the limitations of my finite mind, and seek each day to be in the world but not of it.

Every day is a challenge to grow and expand my limited understanding of this reality. I have zero interest in what seems to be considered spirituality these days.

To me spirituality is about growth, it’s about expanding beyond ones current limitations, no matter how limiting they may be. Every post that I write and share on here is about growing, pushing and expanding beyond ones current perceptions.

We are all unique and at different stages of our own personal growth. This website is about the fundamentals, the basics of basics, and without these no one can sustain any positive growth in their lives.

In a world dependent upon the over reliance of technology, I seek a simpler and more natural way of being. I live a fairly simple life, devoid of as many of the entrapments of what passes for modern living in the 21st century as I can reasonably achieve.

I firmly believe that life can be as simple and fulfilling as we wish it to be, as long as we are prepared to follow the basic rules of living.

Life was indeed never meant to be a struggle, so let us once again return to living in harmony for the benefit of one and all.


Below are a selection of writings that I have produced to help discover the truth about self, discipline etc. Every post that is written below is not intented to be a complete guide, they are more of a sign post that points in the general direction.