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Lets Talk About Death

Because of the spread of Covid-19 doctors are now suggesting that we as a society start to talk more openly about death. I personally think it’s a fantastic idea, talking about it, not dying that is, although that’s open to debate also.

So whether or not Covid-19 proves to be as fatal as the experts are leading us to believe, it is important that we talk about death, because it is something that we as human-beings can’t escape from. We as a society have sugar coated death for too long, when someone dies we say they have ‘passed away’ or ‘crossed the rainbow bridge’, I’m sorry but what the fuck, when a person dies they don’t passaway, or cross a rainbow bridge, they are dead, simple as.

Why are we so scared of accepting the finality of death? When an animal goes to a slaughterhouse no one says they are going there to pass away or to cross the rainbow bridge, nope they are going to be killed, to die. We are nothing more than thinking animals, as much we like to think that we are different from the animal kingdom.

We live in an almost constant fear of death, whether death be physical or mental. We form attachments and we are scared of letting go because of the fear of feeling something. Also, we fear death because we are probably more scared of living, and of truly experiencing life.

Don’t Hide From The Reality Of Death

How many of us actually spend time contemplating our physical death? The very process of death? The process is fascinating and the more people personally study it, the less they will be scared of it. Naturally, there are many different ways we can die, the prefered is being safe in our own beds, but the reality is that some of us will die in a brutal way.

This is the inescapable nature of our reality. We should not run from death, but neither should we readily embrace it. When our time comes we should face it with as much bravery and dignity as we can muster.

Some people say they are not scared of death because they believe in Jesus, life after death or whomever, or whatever. That’s fine, and I certainly have my own thoughts on these things also, but that doesn’t change the reality of dying. I have worked in health care for 14 years and I have seen the many different ways that people handle the prospect of death. For some there is no fear, and they actually almost embrace that it will happen, then there are others who are defiant and don’t give a shit, and then there are the ones that are scared to death about dying.

It doesn’t matter what you think will happen when you die, whether it is sitting next to Jesus or being in a paradise with rivers of honey and all the virgins you could want. What you think of heaven is of no importance, because to get there you have to pass through the gateway we call death first.

So, my friends it’s time to embrace the opportunity to seriously contemplate death, and the process of dying. Nobody knows the time or the circumstances of their ending, but we all know that our ending is firmly set in stone because that is the nature of life on planet Earth.