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Question Your Negative Beliefs

How do we go past our negative thinking and self restricting way of existence to a more expansive and positive life? The first step we all need to take is to discover what is holding us back.

What follows are 22 questions that can help you to identify your negative beliefs. I found these questions whilst studying the ‘Silva Method’ which I have found to be most helpful.

I suggest that 30+ minutes is spent answering these questions honestly.

  1. What is lacking in your life?
  2. What are you making excuses for concerning the lack in your life?
  3. To what or whom do you point the finger of blame for your lack?
  4. What are you yearning for?
  5. What kind of attitudes do you have? Are they mostly positive or negative?
  6. What stirs up fear in you?
  7. What makes you angry?
  8. What situations cause you to get dramatic or to be reactive?
  9. What holds you back from taking action?
  10. What do you find yourself settling for or giving into?
  11. Do you get stuck in power plays with family, friends or co-workers?
  12. Is perfectionism holding you back?
  13. Do you procastinate?
  14. Do you have negative expectations?
  15. Do you have weak boundries?
  16. Are your habits supporting or sabotaging you?
  17. Do you have long held secrets?
  18. How is your quality of life, job, money, love, happiness, relationships, living environment, health etc?
  19. What does it take for your to be rich?
  20. How much do you love, respect, admire yourself?
  21. What role does your ego play?
  22. How honest are you being when answering these questions?

What Your Statements Tell You

We have many statements that we think or say about ourselves every single day, it is important to question all of these statements to find out their validity. A simple way to find out if the statements we are telling ourselves are belefs then a simple question to ask is…

Is this true for EVERY single person in the world?

The vast majority of what we hold to be the gospel truth is often nothing more than beliefs that have been handed to us and told as if sacred. These beliefs must be examined closely, because without these beliefs being reduced to ashes, it will severly limit our true potential.

I will discuss in future posts about how we can each destroy the limiting beliefs that hold us back.

positive thinking Success

Success Tips From Jack Canfield

I am on a mission to be much more positive, instead of being my usual negative and cynical self.  Didn’t realize how negative I was till my therapist mentioned how very self critical I am, and how quick to blame myself I also am.

I also know how critical I am of others too.  I know being critical is sometimes needed, but being harshly critical because people don’t meet your expectations is wrong.

I don’t often read articles or even books these days, except an odd few.  But, I decided to google advice on daily disciplines for changing your life.  After a little bit of trawling, I came across Jack Canfield, I don’t recall hearing his name before but I believe he is pretty big in the self improvement circles.

On his blog he wrote an article called ‘Daily Disciplines for Effortless Success‘ and below are the six tips that he suggests as being the most beneficial for change, both in his life and the lives of others.

  1.  Visualize your goals and intentions
  2. Use external images to keep you focused
  3. Release negative thoughts
  4. Think a better-feeling thought
  5. Cultivate an “attitude of gratitude”
  6. Acknowledge what’s working

On his blog he explains each tip in detail, so if your interested why don’t you pop over and have a read?

I think I will try a new discipline as suggested by Jack, every week and see how things improve.  I know the main key with having a success mindset is consistency, and that is something that I REALLY struggle with.

I am going to start with discipline one – ‘Visualize your goals and intentions‘ and see how that feels after a weeks worth of consistent practice.

I would love to hear what success tips you have, please let me know in the comments below.