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Who Is The Real YOU?

Who are we really? I don’t mean the question of us being spiritual beings or such things, I mean deep down who are we as individuals? Most of us plod along in life barely looking at who we are, except on those occasions that events conspire to make us look at ourselves momentarily.

For most of us we barely penetrate beyond the superficial depths of our conscious minds. Only when major events come in to our lives that we take the time to self introspect, although for many the opportunity for self introspection turns into the ‘poor little old me syndrome’.

I have personally been lucky, or maybe that should be unlucky depending on your point of view to have had several mental health crisis’s throughout my adult life. Every crisis taught me something different, the first crisis I had was when I was 24 and it impacted my life in many ways for several years, but I used the opportunity to consciously find out about myself.

Well, so I thought.

I read many books on various topics that were ailing me mentally, and I thought I was learning, but I wasn’t. I had identified aspects of myself that were dark in nature, and intellectually I had understood them, so I thought that I knew them, but I didn’t. As an example I had difficulty dealing with my anger, so I would read books on anger and be like “yes, that’s me, I’m angry, and I know what to do about it” In reality the understanding of my anger was superficial and shallow and my tactic for dealing with it was to treat it like a virus and suppress it.

Now, like putting a lid on boiling water, eventually the pressure builds to eventually a negative outcome is achieved. This happened to me many, many times. This resulted in recurring incidents of depression and anxiety throughout my life. Another consequence of my anger was a connected issue that is my battle with the behavioural addiction to porn.

You can read my story here.

Who Are You?

Do you know why you do the things that you do? Do you know why you say the things that you say? Most people are nothing more than physical and mental robots, they are almost predictable in their behaviour, even unpredictable people are predictable, by their sheer predictable nature of being unpredictable.

One thing I learned from all my mental health crisis’s over the years is that consciousness is like an onion, it has many, many layers and once you have peeled back a layer it is very easy to delude yourself that you have reached the core of the onion, or in the case of consciousness, the core of your being, the real you.

Real change comes from being honest, and fully understanding the causes of your actions, and this takes a very deep level of sincerity and the desire to truly accept and change who you are. This is not about self hatred, and it’s certainly not about feeling sorry for yourself either.

You need to take full responsibility for self.

Positive life-affirming change can happen very quickly if the desire for change is strong enough. Most people tend to evolve their consciousness gradually over the course of a life-time often through the bitter and painful experiences of life. Sadly though, some people never change, because they are firmly controlled by their ego and will be led to the grave never having been freed from its control.

Self introspection or as others may call it, self retrospection is the key to spiritual growth.

How To Self Introspect / Retrospect

One thing that anyone who is serious about removing dark and negative aspects from themselves should do is to write a journal. A journal can be hand written or typed on a computer etc, as a suggestion you can try this journal from Amazon.

A technique that can be beneficial is to review your day in reverse order before going to sleep at night. This process can be useful as normally this is done through our dreams, so instead our dreams can be used to show us other insights that maybe beneficial to us in our everyday lives.

When self-introspecting I have found the following questions to be useful.

  • What was your mood when getting up this morning, and why?
  • Were you sarcastic or rude today, if so, why and what happened?
  • How many hours have you spent in useless activities today?
  • Did you eat consciously and what did you eat?
  • What was your mood today, and how has it impacted others?
  • Have you lied, become angry or experienced envy, fear?
  • Have you gossiped?
  • Have you experienced lust or used pornography?
  • Have you drunk alcohol or used drugs, what was the underlying desire to use these things?

These questions are just a guide as others can easily be added to help peel back the layers of your own individual ‘onion’. The process of journaling, if it is done with honesty and determination can lead an individual to a sense of self realization.

A Little Caution Is Advised

Although self-introspection via journaling is perfectly safe, I would advise that it is essential that we don’t try to change too much about us at once, as this could lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed which could contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety.

The most growth comes through suffering, but too much suffering causes us to stagnate. There is a fine line that must be tread between too much, and not enough. Nobody likes to suffer, but in reality we already are. We suffer when we can’t get what we want, and we suffer when we get what we want and turns out that we didn’t want it in the first place.

Life is full of suffering, we can’t avoid it, but we shouldn’t add to it. We human-beings overly complicate life. It doesn’t need to be that way.

Lets all start peeling back the layers of our onions and get to the real us, the divine within each of us. Break free of our self imposed limitations, rid ourselves of the programming of our ‘well meaning’ family and corporate and government programming.

Be free!

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The Precipice Of Potential

Lets be perfectly honest here, most of use live a pretty dull and mundane life. I think if we are honest with ourselves then we would pretty much agree that our lives are repetitive and boring. We get up at the same time most days, have the same thing to eat for breakfast, we take the same route to work, we see the same people en-route doing exactly the same repetitive non-sense as ourselves.

Life can often be mundane to say the least.

I think the vast majority of us want to escape the rat race, we want to do something we really love to do. I have lost count of how many people have told me that they want to win the lottery (lotto) so that they can go somewhere hot (or cold) and just relax and do nothing.

People only want to escape from what they are doing because they hate it and are stressed out by it. But our life doesn’t need to be this way, we can exercise control, we can make choices. We don’t need to live asleep at the wheel of our life hoping to win the lottery before we finally allow ourselves to actually live.

For so many people this world is more of a prison than a paradise. We are forced to conform to the things that society tells us are important. We are programmed by TV, by social media, friends, and our parents and families.

We are told not to rock the boat. We are generally not told this overtly, but if you listen carefully it is often very subtly implied.

Why the hell can’t we rock the boat exactly? The boat is a symbol of our deep rooted beliefs, and not even our conscious beliefs, it is a symbol of the beliefs we were given, dare I say, forced to consume before we developed our conscious faculty to reason.

Our deep rooted beliefs were forced upon us as children, even babies, long before we developed our ability to think and reason.

In essence, before we had the ability to tell the ‘fat controller’ to take their beliefs and to shove them where the sun don’t shine.

Take The Boat Given To You By The ‘Fat Controller’ And Dissect It, Set Fire To It, Reduce It To Ashes!

When was the last time you looked at what you believe? I mean really look? Why do you have the job you have, even though you hate it? Are you scared to leave your employment, are you scared of what your loved ones will say if you quit without another job to go to? Maybe you want to start your own business, but others are telling you that your not smart enough?

Why do you stay in a relationship you don’t feel loved in? Do you believe your not good enough to find someone else? Maybe your abused by your spouse, do you believe you deserve it?

Beliefs are hard to challenge. The longer the belief has been held the more difficult it can be to change. Changing belief patterns can be challenging, but it is far from impossible. People do it all the time, and it may surprise you that you are actually more competent in this endeavor than you might first realize.

Life Is Too Damn Short

The average life expectancy in the west is around 80 years of age, that’s not a lot of time at all. Teenagers think they will never get old, they can’t relate to ‘old’ people. The older one gets, the faster life slips away. I am about half way through my natural life expectancy and I am fast approaching my mature years, but I have no intention of letting life slip away, and neither should you!

I believe in life after death, and I pretty much always have done because I have had some interesting experiences in my life which to my mind proves the case sufficiently, but I still will not allow my physical life to slip away.

Life needs to be lived in a conscious manner, we need to be aware at all times of what we are doing and why. Humanity is waking up to this reality more and more, hence the reason we are seeing a growing interest in topics such as mindfulness.

Free Will, Don’t Make Me Laugh!

The vast majority of us don’t make most of our choices consciously. We think that we do, but we don’t. Many years ago I heard the saying “freewill is an illusion”, I can’t remember who said it, but it stuck with me all these years even though when I first heard it I didn’t understand what they meant.

I didn’t understand back then how free will could possibly be an illusion. I thought if I choose to pick up an item, it was my will to do it and nobody made me etc. I had the will to do something, and I exercised it. In my mind I had disproved this person.


If you think about how free will works when it comes to what you believe, this is where things start to get a little bit interesting. You see, the deeply ingrained habits, the beliefs you have held since you were a child and you would die to protect because to you they were the ‘truth’. These things are the illusions that we hold onto everyday, our ego holds onto these beliefs with a death grip, because essentially letting these beliefs go would feel like a death to our ego.

Jesus stated in the Bible:

ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

We need to know the truth of who we are, we need to know the truth of what we believe and why. The change that we all seek comes from deep within us.

As Jesus stated:

The kingdom of God is within you.

So I ask you, where is your free will now? Why are you doing what you are doing? Why can’t you lose that weight? Why can’t you start that business? What is stopping you from following your dreams?

Stuart Wilde once said:

Free will is for amateurs

I think he was totally correct.

It’s time to free yourself from the shackles of bondage and self imposed limitation. Look at your life honestly and decide if this is actually what YOU want.

If you truly love your life, then God bless you, but if you don’t it is never, ever too late to change what you have become, and to become what you desire.