The Path Of Truth

I have been on a journey for almost a year now, and the journey began last year (2019) and it was a catalyst for change on so many levels within myself, moving forward to 2020 this year is proving to be a pivotal turning point in my life. There has been many things that have started to manifest within me that is starting to make more sense, I am starting to feel that there is indeed a guiding light in my life that keeps bringing me back to where I should be.

A while ago I wrote a post about my intention of becoming a disciple of God at the time I was in a bad place and I was seeking a purpose in my life, and I knew where I wanted to go, but I wasn’t sure how to get there.

Since writing that post I have been guided little by little on the path that I have been on, and continue to be on. What I am learning comes not from books (unless I feel inspired to read something) or the ever popular Youtube, but from glimpses gained from meditation and personal insight.

What I share below is some notes that comes from one such insight.

The Basics

It is very important that the art of being in stillness is practiced everyday. Also, the practice of introspection (contemplation) is performed everyday as a basic discipline so that one understands deeply what they have learnt and experienced from that day. It is also essential that ego chatter is reduced to a bare minimum by the persistant practice of observational skills. Also, verbal chastity should be practiced daily so as to reduce to a bare minimum non essential communication.

There should be a zero tolerance of pornographic material of any description. Anything that degrades another is evil and not of ‘The All’ or His thinking.

These are the basic fundamentals as I have discovered them.


Discipline is essential when walking the path of truth or what in same circles is called a spiritual warrior or even a sorcerer. The word student shall be used in these writings as it is more fitting to the eventual outcome.

A student should be disciplined in the following main areas.

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical

Mental discipline is very important when walking the path of truth, as there is great need to keep ones thoughts pure and prestine. It is imperative that there is no room in mind for fear or doubt, or anything of a low vibrational nature. The mind of the student should be kept clear and pure through the use of mindfulness and other awareness based activities.

Emotions should not be shut away, neither should they be givn free reign to control ones life. The student should maintain good balance of their emotions through the practice of non-attachment, non-judgement etc.

Without balance the emotions of the student will lead to a life without purpose or direction. The purpose of the students life is perpetual growth, and growth can’t be obtained when his life is constantly pertubed by his negative thoughts and his constantly changing emotions.

Physical discipline is the sacred art of maintaining the physical shell through the use of temperate eating, personal hygiene habits and the correct proportions of physical exercising of the human mechanisms.


When the student thinks, his thoughts must be one with ‘The All’ His thoughts and feelings should be positive and uplifting at all times. This is indeed a grand and worthy goal!

All positive inspiration should be acted upon, this is ‘The All’ communicating with you! Never, put limits on what can be achieved when working with ‘The All’. ‘The All’ is growth, he is always giving. He is abundance, and He is Life.

As individuals, we are constantly growing and expanding, but the student must be mindful that his growth is selfless and not just a futile indulgence of the ego.

A Final Note

The notes I shared above are by no means the totality of knowledge needed on the path, that would be absurd, and despite being a student on the path of ‘The All’ I am nothing more than a novice taking everyday as it comes and asking my Divine Father constanly for His guidance.